About Us

The Land Collective, inspiring the next generation of property and built environment professionals, one article at a time.

The Land Collective is an open, online platform that encourages the next generation of professionals to provide commentary on the property market and the wider built environment. Through the use of; written articles, research reports, and media, we hope to provide education and commercial awareness about different areas of the industry from a birds-eye view – acknowledging the role each respective sector plays. We are a hub of current students and recent graduates from a range of different cultural and educational backgrounds which include law, construction, politics, economics, and planning.

The Land Collective works predominately with 16-30 year-olds to equip them with the tools needed to express their ideas eloquently and critically on an online platform.

About The Founder,

Sarah is an international relations graduate from the University of Nottingham, with a keen interest in property development. Having returned from studying in Ningbo, China for a year in the summer of 2017, she is continuing to learn Mandarin and is fascinated by the real estate market in Asia. Sarah is also a huge lover of interior design and describes her style as ‘scandi-luxe’. She started her own interior design company alongside her university studies in 2015, with the company being featured in British Vogue.

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