About Us

Who are The Land Collective? And what do we do?

The Land Collective is an open, online platform which aims to educate young people about the property and built environment through written insights, reports and media.We are a hub of current students and recent graduates from backgrounds which include law, politics, construction, economics, town planning. See here to meet our editorial team.

The Land Collective works predominately with 16-30 year-olds to equip them with the tools needed to express their ideas eloquently and critically on an online platform. Due to this, we’re delighted to receive article submissions from students and recent graduates, no matter what their writing experience.

Founding Story
Sarah Hayford and Marina Braga came up with the idea of The Land Collective upon meeting in a travel hostel in Hangzhou, China in late 2016. Both fascinated by the built environment and travel and languages, the two decided to start an online platform dedicated and made by young people interested in the industry.

Sarah is an international relations graduate from the University of Nottingham, with a keen interest in property development. Having returned from studying in Ningbo, China for a year in the summer of 2017, she is continuing to learn Mandarin and is fascinated by the real estate market in Asia. Sarah is also a huge lover of interior design and describes her style as ‘scandi-luxe’. She started her own interior design company alongside her university studies in 2015, with the company being featured in British Vogue. Her interests include hip hop music, travelling and trying new cuisine.

Marina is a graduate from the University of Hong Kong and holds a BA (Hons) in Urban Studies. She was born in Rio de Janeiro but spent a majority of her life in Tokyo, prior to this she has lived in London, Shanghai and Hong Kong. She is able to speak five languages to a high standard. Since graduating she has worked in the Asia Pacific in a number of real estate consultancies. Her interests include languages, travelling and cooking. Marina acts as partner for The Land Collective.

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