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The Land Collective, inspiring the next generation of property and built environment professionals, one article at a time.

The Land Collective is an award-winning, content-led platform that encourages the next generation of professionals to provide commentary on the property market and the wider built environment. Through the use of; written articles, research reports, and media, we hope to provide education and commercial awareness about different areas of the industry from a birds-eye view – acknowledging the role each respective sector plays. We are a hub of current students and recent graduates from a range of different cultural and educational backgrounds which include law, construction, politics, economics, and planning.

The Land Collective works predominately with 16-30 year-olds to equip them with the tools needed to express their ideas eloquently and critically on an online platform.

Our Objectives

We have five goals that we set out to achieve in running this platform.

Diversity –to promote and encourage diversity from within the profession;
– to equip our readership with critically written articles to encourage independent thinking, develop commercial awareness and identify new learning concepts;
Employability – to make our readership aware of the sheer amount of job opportunities available across the sector;
Engagement – to run accessible and interactive events for students, graduates and young people interested in property and built environment;
The ‘Go-To’ – to become the ‘go-to’ source for property and built environment commentary for young people or those early in their careers.

About The Team,

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Sarah Hayford

Sarah founded The Land Collective in the summer of 2017 and also acts as the Development Editor for the platform.

Marina Braga
Head of Asia Pacific

Being a part of The Land Collective's founding team, she now leads growth and engagement in Asia Pacific region.

Tobias Hansen
Tobias Hansen
Residential Edior

Tobias is a luxury agent in London. He writes and oversees the production of residential related content on the platform.

Tyra Silvstedt-Danquah
Tyra Silvstedt-Danquah
Legal Editor

Tyra is a trainee solicitor in Frankfurt, Germany. She writes and oversees the production of law-related content on the platform.

Aminata Miyazaki-Savané
Aminata Miyazaki-Savané
Finance & Investment Editor

Aminata is a markets analyst in Singapore. She writes and oversees the production of economics and finance-related content on the platform.

Sanaa Alexander
Sanaa Alexander
Political Editor

Sanaa is an urban designer in Amsterdam. She writes and oversees the production of political content on the platform.

Noemie Carvalho
Noemie Carvalho
Commercial Editor

Noémie is a city economist in London, she writes and oversees the production of commercial property content on the platform.

Kenji Tanaka
Kenji Tanaka
Architectural Editor

Kenji is a part III architectural assistant in London. He writes and oversees the production of architectural content on the platform.

Nazmiye Aslan
Nazmiye Aslan
Luxury Editor

Nazmiye is a yacht broker in Monaco. She writes and oversees the production of luxury and wealth-related content on the platform.

Reza Najafi
Reza Najafi
Environmental Editor

Reza is a sustainability consultant in Hong Kong. He writes and oversees the production of environment-related content on the platform.

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