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Why the Grenfell Tower tragedy calls for better regulation of Airbnb How does the Grenfell Tower tragedy impact Airbnb's practices and attitudes towards regulations?

Airbnb falls outside regulation as its hosts generally avoid the regulation that hotels have in place, this could be the cause of unfair competition between its self and traditional hospitality establishments such as hotels. This is a particular cause for concern after the Grenfell Tower fire, as Airbnb though it can be classed as a…

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Why Airbnb needs to be present in cities A presentation of the benefits Airbnb brings to London with the use of utilitarian property theory.

Hardin claims in his theory of the Tragedy of the Commons that people consuming the commons creates more costs than it generates benefits, alongside stating ‘the waste of the resource under the “tragedy of the commons” is common.’ Thus he would probably hold that Airbnb leads to a waste of resources, as he would most…

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