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Defying Brexit: Birmingham’s Property Market & Its Success

In recent years, Birmingham, the UK’s second major city, has become the top destination for people leaving London, outranking other large cities such as Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, and Nottingham (2016, ONS/UK Migration Statistics). More than a decade after the devastating effects of the financial crisis which struck the property market, Birmingham seemed to be picking…

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Heathrow: How will the expansion impact the local housing market? Is the Heathrow expansion really necessary? and what could it mean for West London's housing market?

The Cabinet recently approved plans for the expansion of Heathrow Airport by way of the addition of a new, third runway. While this may be positive news for the British Aviation market seeing that Heathrow, once the world's largest airport by international passenger traffic; has in more recent years trailed behind Dubai International Airport and…

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The City in One Building – An Urban Design Marvel How can space and urban design shape the future of our cities?

As the number of people living on Earth constantly increases, engineers and planners have continuously looked for ideas that could solve over-population in the urban world from the residential point of view. Architects Dante Bini and David Dimitric working for the Japanese Shimizu Corporation (清水建設株式会社), giving birth to the Shimizu TRY 2004 Mega-City Pyramid (清水TRY-2004メガシティピラミッド)…

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Home Ownership: Heaven and Hell? A Practical Example What could we learn from Romania about home ownership?

If most of us could associate one thing with the property market, it would most likely be the housing crisis – not only are there not enough properties overall but there are not enough affordable properties. Why? The reoccurring answer to this demand, many of us would love to own a home. We want to own…

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