Sarah Hayford

Sarah is the founder of The Land Collective and an international relations graduate from the University of Nottingham. Sarah's interests heavily lie in the Asia Pacific property market as well as in interior design and politics. She is currently studying an MSc in Real Estate alongside training as a commercial surveyor, specialising in retail and leisure.

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Why We Shouldn’t Mourn the Loss of Department Stores (Yet…)

The department store was once seen as an innovative solution for retail, but in recent years this has changed. What can be done to save them?

Luton Town Regeneration - The Land Collective

Is it Finally Luton’s Turn?

With the final planning decision on the long-awaited ‘Power Court’ development in Luton blooming, can residents finally look forward to a better town?

The Rise of WeWork and Workplace Expectations Is it about time we started demanding more from our workplace environments?

I think it’s fair to say you have heard of WeWork in some capacity unless…

The Destruction of the ‘High Street’: What’s going on? How can we explain the slow destruction of retail and hospitality brands on our high streets?

Over the past three to six months, news regarding the liquidation/closure of several high street retail…

Is ‘Help to Buy’ Really Helping? Britain's housing market is broken, is help to buy adding more fuel to the fire?

The ‘Help to Buy‘ scheme launched by George Osbourne in 2013 has recently appeared back…