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Gasholders London, King’s Cross How does the new Gasholders redevelopment merge industrial heritage with luxurious modernity?

London has never had an issue with luring in interest both nationally and internationally, and why should it? The city is the perfect balance of traditional and innovative - the result of a considerate and attentive urban plan. The flawless picture of a city that proudly shows its history and traditions walking hand in hand…

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The Rising Business of Luxury Student Accommodation in London With the beginning of the new university term just around the corner, it is time to shift attention toward the unstoppable development of luxury student housing.

Once upon a time, students lived in the cheapest shared houses confined mainly to the suburban areas of the city. Today, the situation has changed completely and student housing in London is big business for wealthy overseas investors. Spacious studio flats with sophisticated interior design in central and fancy locations, equipped gyms, swimming pools, high-tech…

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Milan: A Key Player for European Investments Milan has once again recovered and has attracted significant interest from foreign wealth funds after a tough few years.

Should we stop thinking about fashion and luxury when it comes to Milan and begins turning attention toward investment instead? Well, the Italian Revenue Agency seems to think so. This is great news for Italy’s economy, which has been suffering over the last few years, nevertheless, most investments still come from international capital. Shareholders from…

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