The Land Collective partners with Gradfeed

The Land Collective is excited to be partnering with Gradfeed, a platform that promotes job opportunities across the property industry to students and graduates from a range of different academic and work disciplines.

The Land Collective believes that more students and graduates could benefit from hearing about the number of opportunities available within the property industry, despite their academic background and it is fantastic to see that Gradfeed will be filling that gap!

Gradfeed is an employment platform for cognate and non-cognate students who want to get into the property industry regardless of their degree. Students can research employers, keep up to date with the latest industry news and events and secure interviews with the best independent and multi-national businesses across the UK. 

Gradfeed has been created by Gerard McVeigh and Rob Hall who have been running a property recruitment business for the past 4 years.

Gerard explains,

“Gradfeed aims to inform, educate and facilitate direct communication between students and employers alike. We want to slicken up the recruitment process and we believe Gradfeed will become the go-to tool for young people looking for an opportunity and for employers looking to strengthen with fresh, graduate talent.”

Students will be able to build an online profile and fill out their employment preferences, before being able to research and learn about employers and all that they can offer to them for their first job after university.  

Employers of all sizes will be able to use the database of student profiles to communicate and market their business offering to a dedicated audience as well as enabling direct communication all in one easy to use platform. 

With the increasing use of tech and lack of diversity in the property industry, Gradfeed will aim to lead the way in providing a cost and time-effective graduate employment solution that works for all.

Rob added,

“The Land Collective and Gradfeed have a number of shared goals of wanting to help young people enter and ingrain themselves in this fantastic industry. We are looking forward to working collaboratively with the team at The Land Collective and assist in any way we can to engage more young people through insightful articles, industry news and market commentary”. 

To find out more about Gradfeed, please visit their site.  

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