About Us

The Land Collective is an award-winning commercial awareness and career development platform which aims to engage more young people with the built environment sector.

Our work champions the voice of young people who are interested in this dynamic sector through a range of channels which include articles, media, research, and events. We focus on breaking down difficult concepts into more digestible content to share and engage with young people, to highlight the sector as a viable career option and important aspect of our society.

We are a hub of current students and recent graduates from a range of different cultural and educational backgrounds which include law, construction, politics, economics, and planning.

Our Objectives

We have five goals that we set out to achieve in running this platform.

Diversity – to promote and encourage diversity from within the profession;
– to equip our readership with critically written articles to encourage independent thinking, develop commercial awareness, and identify new learning concepts;
Employability – to make our readership aware of the sheer amount of job opportunities available across the sector;
Engagement – to run accessible and interactive events for students, graduates and young people interested in the property and built environment sector;
The ‘Go-To’ – to become the ‘go-to’ source for property and built environment commentary for young people or those early in their careers.