Essay Writing Competition 2023

We’re proud to annouce the winner of our third essay writing competition in collaboration with our partnerBayfield Training. With sustainability being a huge topic of conversation in the industry and outside of it, we believed this years’ question should reflect this ongoing discussion. This year, entrants were asked to answer the question: Can real estate investment ever by truly sustainable?

The Land Collective and Bayfield would like to extend a very well done Neelabh Datta, a Biochemistry student at the University of Calcutta – who has won a place on the real estate financial modelling course by Bayfield Training along with other prizes. 

Here’s what Neelabh had to say about winning the competition:

“Through this competition, I have learned so many new things about real estate sustainability and how it can be achieved. The extensive research had given me a deeper understanding of the complex and interrelated issues of environmental, social, and financial sustainability in the real estate industry. Participating in this competition have me an excellent opportunity to broaden my horizons and acquire more knowledge about sustainable real estate investment. I am fascinated by the intersection of these two fields and the potential for real estate investment to be sustainable. Furthermore, the competition provided me with the opportunity to test the limits of my writing skills and express my thoughts on a brand new topic in a comprehensive and articulate manner”.

1st Runner Up

Heli Thornton
University of Reading, BSc Real Estate

"I wanted to explore an area that particularly interests me. I think this is a important topic to consider in the current climate, as it is ultimately one of the great challenges the real estate industry faces."

2nd Runner Up

Kolatat Phaiboonnukulkij
University of Reading, BSc Real Estate

“Participating in the Land Collective’s essay writing competition, I am grateful for the opportunity to use my skills and express my interest in sustainable investment in the real estate industry. This year’s essay question greatly reflected what has happened in the past few years of the real estate industry transitioning toward a more sustainable and resilient future.”