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No Fault Evictions: A Thing of The Past?

The government have recently signalled its intention to put an end to Section 21 notices (or no-fault evictions), due to the severe financial and emotional impact they had on tenants. This move has proved to be very popular with tenants and tenants’ rights activists, but many landlords fear that it is yet another move intended […]

Law, Land and Drones: Is Our Airspace Really Ours?

From tech junkie’s dream to a commonplace Christmas present, the rise of the consumer drone has been exponential over the last few years. In regards to land and property, they can be of great use. They allow us to survey large swathes of land we own or are considering buying very quickly. Farmers have been […]

How To Protect Yourself as a Renter

Upon graduating over a year ago, I’ve noticed a considerable amount of things regarding the relationship between students and property. My dad always advised my friends and me that unless we were a bit clued up on the law, we should avoid private student properties altogether and just stay in set student accommodation or university […]