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Changing the way youth engage with the built environment​

Who Are We?

The Land Collective is an award-winning commercial awareness and career development platform which aims to engage more young people with the built environment sector.

For a sector that is so prominent in our day to day lives, many young people aren’t aware of the sheer amount of employment and local engagement opportunities available.

We want to change that.

What Do We Do?

Febuary 2020

Gradfeed x The Land Collective Mixer

We met at WeWork Soho Square to host an evening of informal networking with like-minded students and recent graduates across the property and construction sectors. The event was a great opportunity for students to grow their professional networks, and discuss their careers. We welcomed professionals from Knight Frank, JLL, Turner & Townsend, Cushman & Wakefield and more.

Young Voices

Sustainability in the Built Environment: Let’s Not Ignore the Past

As a well-experienced construction industry professional, I have been fortunate enough over the past six years to have been exposed to projects that have offered me various degrees of exposure to, and interaction with, historic buildings. It is first and foremost a love of historic buildings and the worlds of the past to which they…

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Geopolitics & Real Estate: Iranian Influence and Investment in Syria

Since March 2011, political instability in Syria has influenced the Iranian regime to spend over $100 billion USD to keep Bashar Hafez al-Assad in power and push forward with investment in Syria. Many academics and political spectators have argued that Iran gains absolutely nothing by investing so much into the Assad regime and the…

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Biophilic Architectural Design: A Possible Answer to An Age-Old Dilemma

What is biophilia? Even though one may feel at ease pacing through familiar streets, such as those in one’s hometown or a well-known settlement, a feeling of uneasiness and alienation retaliates sometimes, most notably when placed in foreign urban environments. The city turns estranged, blocks of concrete, and bricks stacked one upon the other become…

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Why ‘Shared Ownership’ will never be the first choice

When a homeownership scheme is associated with the words ‘scam’, ‘trouble’, and ‘flawed’ by the very audience that it’s attempting to target, it’s clear that the government has a bigger issue on their hands. The shared ownership scheme has garnered a lot of negative press since its inception and even more so recently after more…

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The Effects of Covid-19 on UK Commercial Real Estate Economics

This report analyses the potential impact of the Covid-19 virus, on the UK economy and its subsequent effect on UK commercial real estate.  This study discusses the contributing factors, which consist of Information Technology, Human Resources and Real Estate, with a focus on the importance of transport hubs, and their effect on supply and demand…

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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