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Paul · Career Insights

Paul is a Graduate Surveyor at the residential and commercial agency, Knight Frank – well-renowned both nationally and overseas. Find out more about Paul’s journey below:

What do you enjoy most about being a Surveyor at Knight Frank?

No one day is the same. Every commercial property is unique and with that comes opportunities to work on advising a diverse range of properties.  Some of the more exciting parts of my role include having a sneek peak at some of the UK’s most iconic developments before they complete and taking the time to meet with our property professionals. It’s a relationship business!

What are some of the challenges that you face in your role on a daily basis?

A part of my role involves managing client relationships and expectations.  The challenge to keep your client on-board and happy never really goes away, but it is more a motivator than a problem.

How did you find your transition from being a real estate analyst at Knight Frank to becoming a surveyor?

There are synergies in both roles, given that there is an expectation to know your market.  As an analyst, my primary role involved reporting on the performance of various property sectors, which provided a solid grounding in determining what drives investment and returns alike.   This observation continues to remain important part of my approach in my role as a surveyor.

What influenced your interest in property the most?

I can point back to my father’s involvement in the regeneration of Stratford and my contribution to an award-winning screening of Stratford in 2002, which looked at issues and prospects facing the East London town as early moments which kick-started my interest in property and development. In recent years, I can say that I have surrounded myself with influential property professionals which have made working in the industry easier.

Are there any particular skills you feel people need to have to succeed as a surveyor?

As mentioned earlier, each and every property is unique and with that comes its own set of challenges. Time management and great organisational skills will ensure that you are giving the appropriate attention to the task at hand. With all this being said, it is important that you have good interpersonal skills (again, it is a relationship business!) and a good attitude.  It all boils down to how much you really want it.

Do you feel that attaining a Master of Science (MSc) in International Real Estate and Planning from UCL has helped you in your career anyway?

Definitely. It is normally a requirement should you wish to have an illustrious career as a surveyor to have studied an RICS-accredited degree and then go on to be a ‘chartered surveyor’. Following the completion of my masters, I have been able to experience new areas of commercial property and now stand on course to gain chartered status.