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Geopolitics & Real Estate: Iranian Influence and Investment in Syria

Since March 2011, political instability in Syria has influenced the Iranian regime to spend over $100 billion USD to keep Bashar Hafez al-Assad in power and push forward with investment in Syria. Many academics and political spectators have argued that Iran gains absolutely nothing by investing so much into the Assad regime and the ongoing conflict, but […]

Sustainability in the Built Environment: Let’s Not Ignore the Past

As a well-experienced construction industry professional, I have been fortunate enough over the past six years to have been exposed to projects that have offered me various degrees of exposure to, and interaction with, historic buildings. It is first and foremost a love of historic buildings and the worlds of the past to which they […]

Student Housing – A gross expense

My previous university residence was a 10-person house in Sheffield’s student area. We had a subterranean kitchen with no windows, one fridge and one (temperamental) hob. The walls and floor of the living space were so skewed that whenever you entered the room you had to leave immediately as you felt both drunk and seasick. […]