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Biophilic Architectural Design: A Possible Answer to An Age-Old Dilemma

What is biophilia? Even though one may feel at ease pacing through familiar streets, such as those in one’s hometown or a well-known settlement, a feeling of uneasiness and alienation retaliates sometimes, most notably when placed in foreign urban environments. The city turns estranged, blocks of concrete, and bricks stacked one upon the other become…

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Homes Under Threat Due to Climate Change: How to Respond to the Issue How exactly does climate change impact our homes and day to day living?

Climate change is arguably the largest global issue that we all face and the rate of global warming has increased dramatically in the past 100 years mainly due to increased human activity resulting in rising levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. For this article, I will not go into too much depth about this,…

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Houston’s Urban Developmental Dilemma How the development of Houston may have been partly responsible for the devastating floods

Houston, Texas, self-branded as the city with "no limits" is an interesting case in terms of its urban planning and development. It is the largest city in the U.S. to have no zoning laws, part of a laissez-faire approach to urban planning which may have contributed to the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and left…

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