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Geopolitics & Real Estate: Iranian Influence and Investment in Syria

Since March 2011, political instability in Syria has influenced the Iranian regime to spend over $100 billion USD to keep Bashar Hafez al-Assad in power and push forward with investment in Syria. Many academics and political spectators have argued that Iran gains absolutely nothing by investing so much into the Assad regime and the…

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Defying Brexit: Birmingham’s Property Market & Its Success

In recent years, Birmingham, the UK’s second major city, has become the top destination for people leaving London, outranking other large cities such as Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, and Nottingham (2016, ONS/UK Migration Statistics). More than a decade after the devastating effects of the financial crisis which struck the property market, Birmingham seemed to be picking…

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Why the Grenfell Tower tragedy calls for better regulation of Airbnb How does the Grenfell Tower tragedy impact Airbnb's practices and attitudes towards regulations?

Airbnb falls outside regulation as its hosts generally avoid the regulation that hotels have in place, this could be the cause of unfair competition between its self and traditional hospitality establishments such as hotels. This is a particular cause for concern after the Grenfell Tower fire, as Airbnb though it can be classed as a…

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Has The Uncertainty Surrounding Brexit Really Impacted UK Real Estate? There's been enough doom and gloom surrounding Brexit and its impacts, but surely there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

There is certainly no debate regarding how well Brexit was initially and is currently being handled, however, it's imperative that we look towards the future in a more positive light than what is currently being portrayed in a myriad of different media outlets. Brexit has caused a wave of uncertainty for many sectors in the…

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