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Biophilic Architectural Design: A Possible Answer to An Age-Old Dilemma

What is biophilia? Even though one may feel at ease pacing through familiar streets, such as those in one’s hometown or a well-known settlement, a feeling of uneasiness and alienation retaliates sometimes, most notably when placed in foreign urban environments. The city turns estranged, blocks of concrete, and bricks stacked one upon the other become […]

Does architecture impact quality of life?

The human species is the only one on Earth known for altering the environment in which it lives to such an extent as it does, to the point where it is no longer about the individual adapting to its habitat, but the former adjusting the latter to fit its needs. Constructions of houses, flats, roads […]

Where Is The Urgency in Architecture?

‘Architecture is in a sort of crisis’ says architect, David Chipperfield; honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Considering the current state of our sociopolitical climate, it is as though the entire world is in crisis. With the looming threat of climate change at the forefront of so much current discourse, it is quite jarring to come […]

Norwegian architecture through the ages

Architecture represents both the process and the product of planning, designing and constructing structures. Architectural work manifested in the form of buildings is often thought to be a symbol or a work of art. Such a way of perceiving them is best seen through the fact that historical civilizations are often identifiable by their surviving […]

The City in One Building – An Urban Design Marvel

As the number of people living on Earth constantly increases, engineers and planners have continuously looked for ideas that could solve over-population in the urban world from the residential point of view. Architects Dante Bini and David Dimitric working for the Japanese Shimizu Corporation (清水建設株式会社), giving birth to the Shimizu TRY 2004 Mega-City Pyramid (清水TRY-2004メガシティピラミッド) […]