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Heathrow: How will the expansion impact the local housing market? Is the Heathrow expansion really necessary? and what could it mean for West London's housing market?

The Cabinet recently approved plans for the expansion of Heathrow Airport by way of the addition of a new, third runway. While this may be positive news for the British Aviation market seeing that Heathrow, once the world's largest airport by international passenger traffic; has in more recent years trailed behind Dubai International Airport and…

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A New Battersea A deeper insight into the long awaited redevelopment of Battersea Power Station

The iconic Battersea power station standing out from the background on the Pink Floyd 1977 Animals is undergoing a redevelopment which will transform the face of the capital for good. The former coal-fired power station, a Grade II* listed building located on the south bank of the River Thames in Nine Elms, is at the centre of…

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Gasholders London, King’s Cross How does the new Gasholders redevelopment merge industrial heritage with luxurious modernity?

London has never had an issue with luring in interest both nationally and internationally, and why should it? The city is the perfect balance of traditional and innovative - the result of a considerate and attentive urban plan. The flawless picture of a city that proudly shows its history and traditions walking hand in hand…

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The Case of Gentrification Gentrification takes place across many cities in the world and is usually met with great disdain, but is gentrification a harsh necessity or social cleansing in disguise?

If you live in a major city, you’ve probably heard the term gentrification being thrown around. If not, you’ve probably witnessed a progressive transformation in your city or local area over the course of recent decades. Some of these changes may seem familiar; more high street estate agents opening locally, more restaurant chains opening, local…

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Silvertown Quays: East London’s Redevelopment Silvertown Quays will bring life back to East London's ghost town and will boast 3,000 new homes.

Following additions to the area such as Boxpark Shoreditch, a pump of £3.5bn is being funnelled into the redevelopment of Silvertown Quays. Known to many as a derelict area of the Docklands, close to the under-subscribed Emirates Air Line, Silvertown has been in the shadows of Canary Wharf for over a decade. Silvertown Quays, London (Source:…

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