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Commercial Property

This collection of commercial property articles at The Land Collective will inform and educate readers about all things commercial property in the UK and internationally.

The Effects of Covid-19 on UK Commercial Real Estate Economics

This report analyses the potential impact of the Covid-19 virus, on the UK economy and its subsequent effect on UK commercial real estate.  This study discusses the contributing factors, which consist of Information Technology, Human Resources and Real Estate, with a focus on the importance of transport hubs, and their effect on supply and demand…

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What did the Lehman collapse have to do with real estate? A sprint through some of the innovations and trends that led the real estate industry to get so caught up in the Lehman crisis

In 2006, the European commercial property industry achieved its biggest year yet. Investment volumes across the continent topped EUR225 billion at a pace of growth that saw sales double since 2004. The industry was in self-congratulatory mood; not just mesmerised by the “wall of capital” that was searching for a home but at its own…

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The Rise of WeWork and Workplace Expectations Is it about time we started demanding more from our workplace environments?

I think it's fair to say you have heard of WeWork in some capacity unless you've been living under a rock! WeWork, the fast-growing co-working company which was launched eight years ago by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, is a serious market disruptor not just domestically and regionally but globally, being established in…

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Why Airbnb needs to be present in cities A presentation of the benefits Airbnb brings to London with the use of utilitarian property theory.

Hardin claims in his theory of the Tragedy of the Commons that people consuming the commons creates more costs than it generates benefits, alongside stating ‘the waste of the resource under the “tragedy of the commons” is common.’ Thus he would probably hold that Airbnb leads to a waste of resources, as he would most…

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The Destruction of the ‘High Street’: What’s going on? How can we explain the slow destruction of retail and hospitality brands on our high streets?

Over the past three to six months, news regarding the liquidation/closure of several high street retail and restaurant brands have been put to our attention. While some of these have been more shocking than others, what exactly is going on here? Why are a large number of brands disappearing from our high streets? I'll begin with BHS…

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