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How Will The US-China “Trade War” Impact Real Estate? With the intensity of the US-China trade war growing, it's important to consider the role real estate will play and how different markets will be impacted.

On March 22, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive memorandum to impose tariffs as high as 25% on US$60 billion worth of Chinese exports such as steel and aluminium to the United States. In response to this, on April 2, China announced retaliatory tariffs worth around US$3 billion on a range of U.S. food…

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What did the Lehman collapse have to do with real estate? A sprint through some of the innovations and trends that led the real estate industry to get so caught up in the Lehman crisis

In 2006, the European commercial property industry achieved its biggest year yet. Investment volumes across the continent topped EUR225 billion at a pace of growth that saw sales double since 2004. The industry was in self-congratulatory mood; not just mesmerised by the “wall of capital” that was searching for a home but at its own…

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Foreign Investment in the UK’s Housing Market: Blessing or Curse? Savills estimates 7% of London property is owned through ‘Foreign Investment;’ with nearly 2/3rds of property owned solely for an investment purpose. What will this mean for future generations?

Overseas investment in Britain’s property market is not a new phenomenon; empirically the opposite in fact. For centuries wealthy overseas buyers have been taking advantage of ineffectual property sanctions, investing in a secure market promising safe and assured returns. However, in the midst of an unequivocal housing crisis, in which society’s most vulnerable are unscrupulously…

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China and Its Domination of The Real Estate Market Mainland Chinese cities have reported the strongest house price growth in 2017, a new study says.

Property prices have increased by more than 10% in eight Chinese cities, with Chongqing in the lead as the top riser for both the mainstream (+ 58.9%) and the prime property (+48.5%) market. The city in southwest China, which boasts an urban population of more than 8 million people, is just one of the 13 out…

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Become a Property Tycoon Without Owning Any Property Owning property seems like such an achievable goal for our generation, but is it possible to get in on property without owning any?

Always think big. That’s what I’ve been told always. Extend your horizons. When you say that you want to achieve x, look to achieve x + 1. That’s why the title of this piece is so ridiculous. ‘Tycoonship’ (I think I’ve made that word up, but I like it) is a term of 0.001%. But I don’t…

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