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Student Housing – A gross expense

My previous university residence was a 10-person house in Sheffield’s student area. We had a subterranean kitchen with no windows, one fridge and one (temperamental) hob. The walls and floor of the living space were so skewed that whenever you entered the room you had to leave immediately as you felt both drunk and seasick. […]

Why ‘Shared Ownership’ will never be the first choice

When a homeownership scheme is associated with the words ‘scam’, ‘trouble’, and ‘flawed’ by the very audience that it’s attempting to target, it’s clear that the government has a bigger issue on their hands. The shared ownership scheme has garnered a lot of negative press since its inception and even more so recently after more […]

No Fault Evictions: A Thing of The Past?

The government have recently signalled its intention to put an end to Section 21 notices (or no-fault evictions), due to the severe financial and emotional impact they had on tenants. This move has proved to be very popular with tenants and tenants’ rights activists, but many landlords fear that it is yet another move intended […]

Is The “Co-Living” Trend Bullsh*t?

Over the years, many trends have come and gone, often almost as swiftly as they came. Some, however, largely contribute to shaping the future workings of our society. We’ve witnessed the phenomenon of co-working to app-based banking, and each new trend continues to fascinate. More recently, we are experiencing a rise in co-living, or communal […]

Heathrow: How will the expansion impact the local housing market?

The Cabinet recently approved plans for the expansion of Heathrow Airport by way of the addition of a new, third runway. While this may be positive news for the British Aviation market seeing that Heathrow, once the world’s largest airport by international passenger traffic; has in more recent years trailed behind Dubai International Airport and […]

Home Ownership: Heaven and Hell? A Practical Example

If most of us could associate one thing with the property market, it would most likely be the housing crisis – not only are there not enough properties overall but there are not enough affordable properties. Why? The reoccurring answer to this demand, many of us would love to own a home. We want to […]

The Case of Gentrification

If you live in a major city, you’ve probably heard the term gentrification being thrown around. If not, you’ve probably witnessed a progressive transformation in your city or local area over the course of recent decades. Some of these changes may seem familiar; more high street estate agents opening locally, more restaurant chains opening, local […]

Renting vs Buying

Should I rent or buy a property?  This is a question I have come across various times on social media. My initial feeling is that buying a property is a pursuit that has been pushed heavily over the years by those who bought their homes for considerably less and have thereby been able to enjoy its […]

Shared Ownership: The what, who and why

The prospect of buying a house seems so incredibly unlikely that many Millennials don’t even bother thinking about it. Having to pay an overpriced rent for potentially years to come is a fact with which most 20-somethings have come to terms, especially in London, the capital of staggering rents for less-than-perfect properties. Still, there is […]

What can be done to resolve the UK housing crisis?

For the last 10 years, London has been experiencing a massive rise in house prices. It’s practically impossible for a first-time buyer to get on the ladder – banks don’t want to lend with as much leverage (the money borrowed relative to salary, credit rating and initial down payment) and this is seriously pricing out […]