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Student Housing – A gross expense

My previous university residence was a 10-person house in Sheffield’s student area. We had a subterranean kitchen with no windows, one fridge and one (temperamental) hob. The walls and floor of the living space were so skewed that whenever you entered the room you had to leave immediately as you felt both drunk and seasick. […]

Defying Brexit: Birmingham’s Property Market & Its Success

In recent years, Birmingham, the UK’s second major city, has become the top destination for people leaving London, outranking other large cities such as Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, and Nottingham (2016, ONS/UK Migration Statistics). More than a decade after the devastating effects of the financial crisis which struck the property market, Birmingham seemed to be picking […]

Is The “Co-Living” Trend Bullsh*t?

Over the years, many trends have come and gone, often almost as swiftly as they came. Some, however, largely contribute to shaping the future workings of our society. We’ve witnessed the phenomenon of co-working to app-based banking, and each new trend continues to fascinate. More recently, we are experiencing a rise in co-living, or communal […]

A New Battersea

The iconic Battersea power station standing out from the background on the Pink Floyd 1977 Animals is undergoing a redevelopment which will transform the face of the capital for good. The former coal-fired power station, a Grade II* listed building located on the south bank of the River Thames in Nine Elms, is at the centre […]

Knight Frank: The Wealth Report 2018 – An Overview

Global real estate consultants at Knight Frank have recently released their much-anticipated publication, The Wealth Report 2018, a thorough accumulation of research into global wealth trends and flows which gives an insight into the lifestyle of the wealthy. Now in its 12th edition, the report proved to be a precious compass showing the route investors […]

Home Ownership: Heaven and Hell? A Practical Example

If most of us could associate one thing with the property market, it would most likely be the housing crisis – not only are there not enough properties overall but there are not enough affordable properties. Why? The reoccurring answer to this demand, many of us would love to own a home. We want to […]

Displacing The Myth of The Property Market

It seems as though it’s everyone’s dream to own property these days, whether it be for the security of accommodation or just for investment purposes. All my peers seem to think that it is an easy “get rich quick” debacle once you have a few thousand pounds saved. All these hopes and dreams are centred […]

Gasholders London, King’s Cross

London has never had an issue with luring in interest both nationally and internationally, and why should it? The city is the perfect balance of traditional and innovative – the result of a considerate and attentive urban plan. The flawless picture of a city that proudly shows its history and traditions walking hand in hand […]

The community as a commodity

In a world of cool co-working spaces, it was just a matter of time before moving onto co-living. These fully furnished complexes of apartments and rooms aiming at building a stronger sense of community might be just the perfect accommodation of the near future, providing tenants with facilities ranging from a cinema room to a […]

Foreign Investment in the UK’s Housing Market: Blessing or Curse?

Overseas investment in Britain’s property market is not a new phenomenon; empirically the opposite in fact. For centuries wealthy overseas buyers have been taking advantage of ineffectual property sanctions, investing in a secure market promising safe and assured returns. However, in the midst of an unequivocal housing crisis, in which society’s most vulnerable are unscrupulously […]